We like to imagine that one day every home in Montreal will have their own edible garden, from the smallest productive indoor garden, to the small edible forest full of fruits, nuts and vegetables. This dream is quite possible by the creative and effective use of techniques that allows us to make gardens almost anywhere. The simplicity of maintenance of our projects make them accessible to all, regardless of the knowledge of the owner.

Above all, the first question to ask is: why have a garden in the city? The answer to this question has many facets, some of which go beyond the gardener himself, but start first with what affects us on a daily basis:

Everyone know that daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential for good health, but equally important is the freshness of its food and how they are grown. The freshness is paramount, as soon as a vegetable or fruit is picked, it is already beginning to lose the vitamins it contains. Also food grown in an “organic” way without pesticides or chemical fertilizers ensure there is no healthier options on your plate.

If you believe the purchased groceries vegetables are equivalent to those that you can grow yourself is that you have not yet tried a tomato just picked from the garden! Not only its freshness gives it a sublime taste, but the simple fact of having a garden gives you the opportunity to grow famous varieties for taste that is impossible to find in grocery stores. Indeed, the varieties chosen by the food industry are selected primarily for their ability to properly support the storage and transportation rather than for their taste. You will be surprised at all the new flavors that emerge from your garden!

Is it not better to live life surrounded by abundant vegetation than the artificial setting of the urban environment? A small garden allows you to transform a part of your life into a haven where the human is in harmony with nature. From this balance emerges beauty and rejuvenating serenity, often very necessary to recover from the stress and pollution in the city.

After the initial cost of establishing a garden, you can be sure to save each year. Indeed, the minimal maintenance costs of a garden and all the food you will produce contributes to enrich yourself. This is particularly important in the present circumstances where the threat to the economy and rising gas prices may drive up the cost of food. Regardless of economic situation of the country or your own, you will always have something to eat on your plate.

Why waste the time to make and maintain a garden? Just because it’s easy! The hard work and knowledge are required at the time of establishment of the garden, which we propose to do. Eventually you can easily deal with the maintenance, even if you’ve never gardened before. In our projects, our priority is to reduce maintenance work to a minimum. Thus, with a few tips and a wise choice of vegetables, maintaining your garden could easily take you less than an hour per week.

Whether you are aware or not, cultivate your garden is one of the most significant things you can do to save our planet. Indeed, the food industry is highly polluting: Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, huge energy consumption, destruction of forests and ecosystem to release new operating land… The solution to this absurd situation is no doubt an organic and local consumption, but what is more organic and locally grown than yours?

A simple solution, good for health and the soul, while making you richer and helping save the planet! If you’re interested, check out our services available to you!