If by chance you have access to a front or back yard, a driveway, a roof, a solarium, or other space to green, we can create for you a custom edible landscape. We offer a multifunctional garden that fits your needs by optimizing the use of space. Aesthetic, productive, social space and playground, a garden to your image can be an extension of your lifestyle.

Our priority is to make your life easier : all our works are designed to minimize the possible maintenance of your garden while maximizing production. What are our secrets to get there ? When designing, we choose garden plants according to their attributes to create symbiotic relationships between them. Based on the models of nature we create a stable ecosystem and add some autonomous elements, you can sit and contemplate your garden and nature will do most of the work ! And your free time will allow you to enjoy your little cool island rather than take care of it .

Using the principles of Permaculture, we can create what we consider to be the pinnacle of gardening ecosystem : the food forest! We reproduce a similar environment to a forest, where each element is cooperatively to maximize productivity and stability. So as you wander in your edible forest you will find fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, perennial vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants. This development is in several phases, usually several years, but the creation of a nurturing forest in your own yard is not worth it ?