JulienBioCité is a young Montreal business working in urban agriculture and edible landscaping in Montreal since March 2012. Founded by Julien Yensen Martin, his vision is to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable and responsible green city, where every household can easily grow, biologically and locally, it’s own food.

The mission of BioCité

Bring simple and effective solutions for Montrealers:

      • Promote local, healthy, living and organic food
      • Make our personal and community living spaces more healthy and harmonious
      • Establish lasting social bonds in our communities
      • Promote sustainable development with urban agriculture and our ecological methods

My passion for gardening :

Before founding BioCité, I lived mainly in cities, especially in Montreal, but also to Dublin (Ireland) and Berlin (Germany). Although I always like cities, I’ve often felt a lack of connection with nature.

It was during my travels in Europe that I discovered a passion for the environment and agriculture through “WWOFING”. I lived and worked on various farms, discovered the traditions and the relationship that people have with nature, weather, etc. This paved the way for me …

I returned to Montreal to study Environmental Science at UQAM before working as a garden coordinator in the CRAPAUD in 2011 (a collective garden in the science campus of UQAM). The same year, I got my certification in Permaculture (PDC).

For several years now I practice edible gardening in urban areas, whether in bare soil or in containers. Following my experiences and knowledge, I research and develop sustainable ways to eat healthy while taking care of our planet.

Julien Yensen Martin