Crispy leaves for your salads ? Soft, sweet and colored berries ? Fresh herbs to give a unique flavor to your cooking ? Nature is full of abundance for those who welcome it into their lives. Our gardens are always overflowing with diversity; this is what keep them in good health, and also gives you a variety of unique tastes on your plate.

Not to mention the vegetables you already know , you have the opportunity to discover new flavors such as violet leaves , roots of Jerusalem artichoke and borage flowers. Obviously, berry-producing shrubs are always great favorites; without requiring a lot of space, they produce for you blueberries , raspberries, blackberries and cherries. Harvested directly in your yard, the taste is incomparable to the supermarket!

Why not add also a fruit tree, a little wild garlic and some medicinal plants such as chamomile? With our help and knowledge, you can enjoy a true paradise of abundance directly in your backyard.

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