Minimum maintenance is our primary goal. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining an edible organic garden can be very easy and will require a minimum of time and energy. Everything is in the design : our working methods aim to create an edible landscaping whose main needs will be met by the nature itself. Your job will NOT be to perform all the “traditional” chores gardener tilling the soil, transplant seedlings, watering, adding fertilizer and pesticides … but to promote the natural elements that will make this work for you.

To achieve this ideal, here are some of our secrets:

      • Edible perennials return every year, so need to plant.
      • Natural mulch feeds the soil in addition to solving the problem of weeds for you.
      • The choice of plants suitable for the location, in addition to mulching, significantly reduces the need for watering.
      • With some edible plants, which are also natural fertilizer, the fertility of your garden regenerates itself.
      • A well selected biodiversity can make your garden a strong ecosystem and in perfect health.


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